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Save the Bees

Did you know that pesticides are unnecessary to have a beautiful yard and garden? And, sadly, pesticides are toxic to bees and other beneficial insects.

Keep a Bee Friendly Garden

We urge you to sign this pledge to maintain an organic and pollinator-friendly zone in your yard, park, garden or community space. Together, we can help save the bees by creating essential pollinator-friendly environments and habitats.

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I pledge to maintain a pollinator-friendly zone
in my yard, park, garden or community space.

Your privacy is important. We will not share your email address with anyone.

3 no-fail ways you can help save the honeybees:

  • Plant Flowers
  • Bees are suffering from malnutrition,
    and planting bee-friendly flowers
    gives them a place to nourish
    themselves and their hive.
  • Plant Flowers
  • Sign Pledge
  • Pesticides contribute to the alarming
    death rate of honeybee colonies.
    Sign a pledge to cultivate a
    pesticide-free garden.
  • Sign Pledge
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